“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

(Helen Keller)

We are here to connect you with the Jewish business community in Montreal and create new relationships and partnerships.

JBiz is a non-profit initiative of Chabad of the Town. Our mission is to strengthen our community and create growth and prosperity.


Why JBiz.ca?

At Chabad of the Town, that is what we do. Connecting people, networking, encouraging, inspiring. At one of our weekly meetings, Rabbi Moshe Krasnanski, Executive Director of Chabad of the Town, came up with the idea to create an online web & mobile directory, which will include information of all Jewish B2B businesses and professionals in Montreal. The idea clicked right away! From a vision, it became reality, and more and more people got excited by the idea and offered to join and help!

Judaism teaches us that the highest form of charity is to help someone earn a living (Maimonides), and networking is the key. Our passion is helping people succeed! Every success story and every growing business plays a role in strengthening the community, and creates opportunities for even more people to succeed.

With years of experience in building a community, creating relationships and connecting people, we are now creating a venue for everyone to access, to connect and to contribute!

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